Sonic Rewind - 70s & 80s Classic Rock Band

John  Weinbrenner - Owner of The Shore Club and City Tavern

“I first worked with Sonic Rewind for their New Year’s Eve 2016 performance at The Shore Club in Tega Cay, SC. This was the first NYE since I took ownership of the club and I really wanted to do something special. Sonic Rewind was highly recommended to me and even before they played, I knew that I made the right choice. Based on their strong reputation, we sold 250 tickets and packed the event room on NYE. The band played a four-hour set with only a 10 minute break for the ball drop. I later learned that their approach to their shows is that “once you have the crowd grooving, you NEVER stop”. Well, they kept the energy up all night long. They also provide an excellent light show and a multi-media presentation with their video screen. It’s just a great presentation that really sets them apart from other bands I've worked with. Since that NYE show, I’ve presented the band at The Shore Club and some of my other venues and they always mix up their shows to keep the crowds coming. I’ve also booked them for NYE 2017 and look forward to selling at least 500 tickets to that event! We put a strong focus on live music at my venues and Sonic Rewind has become a big part of our success. Thanks boys!"

*Sonic Rewind returned to rock The Shore Club on New Year's Eve 2017

​Alana Allen - The Pump House Sales & Event Coordinator

“Sonic Rewind were the entertainment at the first annual Pump House River Run in June 2016. They came highly recommended to me and I understand why. They play a great mix of music and really engage the crowd. They are also very professional with great communication. Their rep visited with me on-site one week before the show to discuss logistics and everything went perfectly. Despite the 100+ degree temperature on the day of the show, the band rose to the challenge and played well beyond our contracted time. The crowd asked for more and the band delivered. I look forward to working with Sonic Rewind again.”

*Sonic Rewind was asked back to this event and performed at the 2nd Annual River Run in June 2017


Chris Sheppard - Director of Lake Wylie Children's Charity

“Sonic Rewind were a co-headliner at the 2016 Lake Wylie Children’s Charity concert and they did a fantastic job for us. I’ve worked with many bands over the years and I found Sonic Rewind to be extremely professional at every step in the process of getting them onto our stage for their performance. They provided a detailed stage plot that made it very easy for our stage crew to get them set up and they were very accommodating, up to and including, the day of their performance. Sonic Rewind played free-of-charge and delivered a great set of 70s and 80s Classic Rock that had the crowd yelling for more. A win for everyone and Sonic Rewind will definitely be a band that we work with in the future."

*Sonic Rewind was asked back for the 2017 and 2018 LWCC Concerts

Caroline Hasty - Event Coordinator/Town of Fort Mill

“Sonic Rewind is a well-known band in the Charlotte/Fort Mill areas and I thought they would be the perfect band to kick off the 2017 Fort Mill Summer Concert Series. They play a great selection of music from the 70s and 80s, so they really do have a very wide appeal that works well at public events. I also really like the fact that the band doesn’t oversaturate in our area - when they play, it’s an “event” versus just another performance - so they draw large crowds; which is appreciated by our vendors and event partners. As expected, Sonic Rewind kicked off the 2017 season in a BIG way. From the first song to the last, the crowd was with Sonic Rewind. They presented a great mix of music and their Led Zeppelin medley was definitely a highlight. They kept the energy high all night long (even as rain moved through the area) and they really helped get the season started with a bang. Thank you Sonic Rewind! We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Strawberry Festival.”

*Sonic Rewind rocked the 2018 Fort Mill Strawberry Festival and was also asked back for the 2018 Summer Concert Series

​Mandy Baskin Oriani - Owner/M&M Productions

“As an event planner, I work with bands and musicians every day and I recently had the pleasure of working with the boys in Sonic Rewind as part of an ALS fund raiser I worked on back in March 2017. I knew of Sonic Rewind through my music contacts in the area and I contacted the band to ask if they would participate in our event. Thankfully, Sonic Rewind is a group with a BIG heart that likes to give back to the community. They jumped onboard immediately and I was so excited to book them into the headlining slot for the event. The fund raiser was a great success due in large part to the entertainment that we provided, and Sonic Rewind put on an amazing show that evening. Great music is one thing. Great people is something else. Sonic Rewind delivers on both points. Thank you Sonic Rewind. We will work together again. You can count on it."

Todd Puhrmann - Director - The Tega Cay Veterans Association
“Sonic Rewind performed at our Memorial Day fund raiser for the Tega Cay Veteran’s Association. Their performance was the main event for the evening and they blew the roof off of the entire event. The crowd grew and grew until everyone was dancing and the band never even took a break. We loved the mix of music and look forward to doing it again next year.” 
*Sonic Rewind rocked the Tega Cay 5K Run again on May 28, 2017 and on May 27, 2018 AND are booked to do it again in May 2019

Bethany Abshire - Private Events Director - The Palisades Country Club 
“I recently worked with Sonic Rewind for an event at the Palisades Tennis Complex. It was the first time we had hosted a band at our club and it ended up being a great event. Having live music definitely kept the party going and the band was called back for two encores. The audience loved the mix of music and it was a great night for all." 

Joey Blethen - Tega Cay Parks & Recreation Director
"Gentlemen, I just wanted to let you know that you crushed it on Saturday night!  Consider yourselves booked for next season!" These kind words came after Sonic Rewind drew over 800 people to the Tega Cay Food Truck Rally in August 2016. The band then drew over 1,000 music lovers to this event in August 2017.

Sonic Rewind rocked Tega Cay again in August 2018 and are booked to do it again in September 2019